1. Will there be any disruption of my deposits?

No. When you are upgraded to LPI’s online giving tool, WeShare, there will be no disruption of your deposits and no loss of donors. All schedules, transaction history and stored payment info will be retained. Unlike changing to a new provider, the transition process will be fully automated and requires no action by either the admin or the donor.

2. How long will the upgrade from ParishPay to WeShare take?

Our goal is to make the transition as simple and easy as possible. After explaining the process to you and demonstrating the new features of the system, you and your new dedicated Engagement Manager will determine your transition timeline. You can decide when it makes the most sense for your parish to make the switch to WeShare.

3. How will the upgrade to WeShare work?

Prior to LPi moving your parish over to WeShare, you will be provided with everything you need to update your website and members. On the determined date, all donor information will transfer to WeShare and your donors will receive an e-mail notifying them of the new donation process and directions for managing their recurring donations.

4. Will my donor’s data be safe and secure?

Absolutely. LPi maintains a PCI Level 1 certification, the highest in the industry, and also conducts an annual SSAE-16 audit of its controls. PCI Certification and SSAE-16 audit reports are available upon your request.

5. Does LPi support all my donor’s current payment sources?

Yes. Through LPi’s merchant processing, WeShare fully supports ACH (EFT) transactions along with all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

6. Who do I contact for Customer Support?

LPI will be handling all Customer Support inquiries moving forward. You will have a dedicated Engagement Manager who knows you, your account, and your donors. There is a large support team to help you increase your number of donations and donation totals. Contact LPi at 800-950-9952 and ask for “WeShare Customer Support”.

7. What new features does WeShare offer to my parish?

After transitioning to WeShare, you’ll have access to several new features to fully engage your donors in a meaningful giving experience as an expression of their financial stewardship. WeShare is compatible with all mobile devices and tablets and offers complete Parish Event Management, including both event registration and payment features.

8. Are the new features available in WeShare going to cost any more?

There will be no price increases as part of this upgrade. You will gain new features like Event Management and Promotion, integration with most donor and church management systems, and mobile and app support at no additional costs.

9. Will I need to create a new profile?

You will not need to create a new profile. Your current login information will remain the same, but you will be logging in to WeShare.

10. How will I view my donation history?

You will still be able to view your donation history within your profile. Once the transition to WeShare is made, you will still be able to view your 2017 transaction history. All prior transaction history will be available to you at any time simply by contacting your LPi Engagement Manager.

11. Does LPi help me promote increased adoption of online giving at my parish?

Your Engagement Manager will help you increase the number of parishioners giving online and to manage your program with high-quality promotional materials, video for your website, flyers, posters, and 4-page bulletin insert. Fully managed email marketing and direct mail campaigns are also available.

For more information, contact LPi at 800-950-9952 and ask for WeShare Customer Support.